Josef Arendse was born in 1954 on a farm named Donkiespath in the Tesslaarsdal

He moved to Caledon and attended the De Vos Malan Primary School.
He married in 1973 and moved back to the farm Remkuil where he worked for
approximately 12 years. In 1988 he started working for Telkom as an Auxiliary Chief
Technical Assistant but unfortunately was retrenched in 2000.

Josef always loved the feel of leather and a desire to work with leather – and
creating something out of little bits of leather. He attended various training courses
and has a long-standing association with Woodheads in Cape Town. At present he
is involved in training children in the Genadendal area the art of leather work.

Josef manufactured bespoke one of kind leather goods – from leather belts, bags,
sandals, wallets, cellphone holders and keyrings.
Josef also accepts orders, does alterations and repairs to leather goods.

Should you wish to order his bespoke leather goods, he can be contacted on
072 434 4113.

Josef also showcases her bespoke products every Saturday from 09h00 – 12h00 at
the Greyton Farmers Market.